Hair care – A Review

Best-Hair-Care-Tips-Secrets-from-indian-Girls-2You do not have to be rich and famous to have soft and shiny hair. Some people think that you need to spend a fortune before you can achieve having beautiful and glowing hair but you can actually have it if you take care of it. The natural enemy of our hair is the sun as it takes away the moist and the natural oils in it. Then there’s the dust that is in the air which also takes away the life in it.

Washing your hair with any kind of shampoo will even do more damage. It is known that chemicals are infused in these  products to make them foam up well so that they appear to be doing a good job of cleansing your hair. The truth is, there are chemicals found in car cleansers which can also be found in shampoos. The problem is that these are known skin irritants which can mix with other ingredients and form deadly cancer causing dioxins and nitrates in the shampoo bottle itself.

deep-hair-conditioningThey can then be absorbed quickly through the pores of your scalp and then into your bloodstream. From there they can travel to the organs where they will stay, because these chemicals are notoriously hard to remove from the body. In recent years, a large number of chemicals in shampoo and other personal care products that were once believed to be harmless are now being shown to be detrimental to human health.

A growing concern is that no research has yet been done by anyone on the toxic effects produced by using these chemical in unison, where several different chemicals may combine to multiply their toxic effects. The best thing to address this information is to use natural shampoo instead. You can protect your hair and your health at the same time without spending so much.